Chassis and steering

Air suspension

Pneumatic suspension is one of the types of automobile suspensions, the characteristic difference of which is the possibility of changing (adjusting) the height of the ride height, as well as providing increased comfort in motion and the ability to maintain the height of the ride height when loading the car […]


Hubs and bearings

Winkod manufactures modern wheel hubs in various designs with many advantages: quiet operation, high quality raw materials, reduced weight, quality standards…


Suspension and steering parts

WINKOD quality and reliability: the ability to withstand extreme operating conditions. WINKOD suspension and steering components are produced under control and fitted for use in particularly difficult road conditions with a wide range of ambient temperatures. The range of WINKOD suspension parts currently includes the following product groups […]


Shock absorbers and air springs

WINKOD shock absorbers and air springs are designed for use in difficult road and weather conditions. Even in the harshest operating conditions, WINKOD shock absorbers ensure vehicle stability, safety and driving comfort, increase maneuverability and prevent wear of other suspension components. A number of technical solutions have been implemented for this purpose: WINKOD shock absorber rods are made of high-strength steel. The rods are subjected to hard wear-resistant chrome plating with thermal […]