Clutch Kits

The range of Winkod clutch parts includes: clutch discs, clutch baskets, release bearings, and clutch kits. Clutch kits always include a driven disc and a clutch basket, depending on the kit, a release bearing may also be included. Noise and vibration reduction. For the production of diaphragm springs, specialized spring steel 50CrV4 is used, which has a high elastic limit […]


CV joints and boot kits

The reliability and strength of the WINKOD CV joints have been confirmed by numerous tests. The CV joints were designed to exceed the requirements of car manufacturers to guarantee the best performance in difficult road conditions with large temperature differences.High-strength low alloy steel is used to produce WINKOD CV joints, a material that provides extreme durability of friction parts. To improve the strength we use an extended heat treatment cycle which includes long-term carbon saturation of the part surface at high temperature as well as bulk oil hardening with tempering for hardness […]