Wiper blades

Unique design features. Excellent quality of materials. Manufactured to the high standards of the original equipment manufacturer

WINKOD wiper blades is an automotive aftermarket product with the best price-quality ratio compared to competitors.

WINKOD wiper blades are manufactured using technologies and solutions inherent in high-end products and exhibit exceptional performance. At the same time, thanks to the efficient production process and reasonable pricing policy they remain the most affordable solution for the overwhelming majority of car owners.

The range of WINKOD wiper blades boasts 3 types:

  • FIT – frameless wiper blades with graphite coating (350-700 mm),
  • FLEX – premium frameless wiper blades with Teflon coating and 7 additional adapters,
  • ICE – frame wiper blades with a cover for protection from environmental conditions.

The wide range of sizes also makes it easier to select one for a specific car. In addition, all frame and frameless wiper blades presented in the line have adapters in sets to fit most cars. The frame wipers are designed to comply with all operation modes: a strong powder-coated steel frame with stainless steel base (corrosion is the number one enemy for frame wipers) ensures stable performance over a long service life. The design of the rocker arm provides an even pressure of the cleaning element on the windshield. Therefore, the wipers do not leave water streaks on the windshield when working. Natural rubber edge ensures effective cleaning of glass and silent operation. WINKOD frameless wipers are not only designed and manufactured using state-of-the-art technologies that ensure a high quality of windshield cleaning in all weather conditions and durability but also have an elegant aerodynamic design. The ability of frameless wipers to "adapt" to the shape of the windshield and, therefore, provide uniform pressure along the entire length of the working surface of the wiper allows cleaning the glass without streaks and stains, and therefore provide a high level of safety. Mounting of frameless blades is designed for quick and simple installation.