Automotive sensors

Automotive sensors allow you to ensure the normal operation of the main components of the vehicle. The most important controllers are displayed on the dashboard in the car - thanks to them, the driver is provided with basic information about the state of the units. 

Classification features

Depending on the car, the number of regulators may vary, as developers add new devices to car designs every year. These devices may differ from each other in accordance with the technical features, use, and purpose.

All devices can be classified according to their work, as well as the conditions of use:

  • First Class Regulatorsdesigned for brake and steering performance and diagnostics.
  • Controllers belonging to the second type allow you to monitor the condition of the engine, gearbox, chassis and tires.
  • The third class includes devices that allow you to protect the main functions of the car, as well as ensure the comfort of its control.

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