Engine cooling systems

WINKOD cooling systems are certified and meet TS 16949 and ISO 900 quality criteria.

Thanks to the recognized reliability of WINKOD products, it has become an official partner for many leading distributors.

WINKOD cooling system products have a number of significant differences from other suppliers.

Among them are the following:

  • Heatsinks have reliable damage resistancedue to reinforced heatsink fins. This plus will be important, first of all, for those who flush radiators under a sufficiently high pressure. In addition, such radiators are very convenient and safe for mechanics - fins folded in half do less damage to their hands.
  • Fiberfor water tanks gives them additional resistance to damage and deformation;
  • Silicone sealswill not fail during the entire service life;

When transporting parts from WINKOD, packaging carefully protects them from damage

The range consists of:

  • Radiators
  • Evaporators;
  • Condensers;
  • Heaters;
  • Fans;
  • Intercoolers;
  • Water pumps

All components of WINKOD cooling systems are manufactured at OEM production facilities and have an extended warranty for both distributors and end-users