Hubs and bearings

Winkod manufactures modern wheel hubs of various designs with the following advantages:

  • Silent operation. The quiet running of the hub is critical to ride comfort. It is ensured by the accuracy of machining and the minimum tolerances for deviation of all components.
  • Reducing unsprung weight. Finite element optimization of the flange design reduces hub weight and improves stability.
  • High quality raw materials. In the production of Winkod hubs, raw materials of the highest quality are used: spring steel with a hardness of 59-64 HRC, which ensures a high level of product safety, as well as AF-I grease, with an operating temperature range of -30 to +180 °C. The selected rubber meets all the specific requirements of the automotive industry, is resistant to both lubricants and liquids and is suitable for use at temperatures from -40 to +120 ° C. This rubber retains its properties for a long time and is resistant to grease leakage, which increases the service life by more than 100%.
  • Selective bearing selection method. Winkod carefully selects the appropriate type of ball or roller bearing based on the structure of the hub and the applied load. Due to this, technical parameters such as weight, strength and required installation space are optimized.
  • Checking the ABS system. Once the ABS components are installed in the wheel hub, a comprehensive check is made to ensure that the part is functioning properly according to approved procedures.
  • Ultra-modern design. The hubs of the third are characterized by ease of installation, high strength, easy integration of the ABS sensor and accurate preload values.
  • Quality standards. Winkod wheel hubs and bearings meet strict quality standards. The manufacturing facilities are ISO/TS 16949:2009 certified and operate under an approved quality assurance system. All hubs and wheel bearings undergo a three-stage inspection, selective analysis of the metal composition and other quality checks.