Water pumps

Efficient operation of Winkod water pumps is the key to the health of the engine and other critical vehicle systems, which depend on the timely supply of a sufficient flow of coolant to them.

Distinctive features of products:

  • Performance and reliability comparable to OE parts. When developing and manufacturing parts, the characteristic features and technical parameters of those engines on which finished products are supposed to be installed are fully taken into account;
  • Maximum possible performance, calculated for a specific type of engine. The mode of optimal circulation of the coolant in the system is achieved by the correct selection of the sizes of the impeller of the pump, as well as the height of its fit on the shaft;
  • Long-term resistance to significant radial and axial loads due to the use of modern materials and technologies in the manufacture of housings, shafts, bearings, impellers and pump seals;
  • High tightness. As the material of the main shaft seal, ceramic-coated graphite carbon is used, which has an increased resistance to extreme temperatures and mechanical loads, which ensures the specified tightness of the pump throughout the entire service life;
  • Cleanliness of the material of the pump housing. The roughness of the inner surface corresponds to the 5th accuracy class (integral value Ra = 0.4 μm), which prevents the occurrence of turbulences, air bubbles and prerequisites for hydraulic shock in the flow of the pumped liquid;
  • Automated quality control of individual components and the product as a whole at each stage of the production cycle. All ready-made Winkod pumps are subject to mandatory testing for tightness, performance and durability (vacuum and life tests);
  • Compliance of parts with strict international quality standards, confirmed by DIN Norm EN 9001:2000 and ISO 9001 TUV certificates.