Tensioner rollers

Winkod tensioner rollers guarantee reliable operation of the timing, auxiliary units and assemblies.

Advantages of Winkod rollers:

  • Durability. The use of high carbon steel Japanese NTN bearings and SKF grease, which retains high lubricity and ductility in the temperature range from -40 ° C to 200 ° C, guarantees the durability of Winkod idlers.
  • Wear resistance. The Winkod roller pulley is made of ADC12 GB aluminum and reinforced composite with polyamide PA66, which are used in the production of original parts. These materials ensure that the product is resistant to significant changes in temperature, shock, and deformation.
  • Long service life. The smoothness of the surface (0.01 mm accuracy class) and the minimum tolerances for deviation make the roller more resistant to vibrations and vibrations, extending the life of the belt.
  • Contamination protection. High-temperature polymer gaskets prevent dust and dirt from getting inside under all operating conditions.
  • World quality standards. Winkod rollers are manufactured in accordance with ISO TS 169 / 49 standard. The high level of production is confirmed by SGS, TUV and D&B.