Ignition coils

An engine ignition coil is an element of the ignition system that converts low-voltage voltage from a battery or generator into high-voltage. The main function of the ignition coil is to generate a high voltage electrical impulse at the spark plug.

The ignition coil must reliably generate high voltage. Poor quality ignition coils cause engine misfiring and reduced performance.

Winkod offers a wide range of durable ignition coils carefully engineered for optimal performance in a variety of engines.

Ignition Coil Technologies

Ignition technology has evolved over the years, as have the ignition coils used by car manufacturers. According to the principle of operation, ignition coils can be divided into two main types: single-spark and double-spark.

With single spark technology, each spark plug is equipped with a separate ignition coil. With dual spark technology, one ignition coil controls the ignition of the mixture in two cylinders.

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