Brake pads

WINKOD brake pads: reliable, efficient, and silent braking.

Brake systems are responsible not only for driving safety but also for driving comfort. That is why WINKOD pays special attention to the quality of materials and production technology of brake pads and discs.

These parts function in extreme conditions (temperature and humidity changes, dust, and dirt) that impose special requirements for each of the components of the brake pad.

  • Friction material. A special asbestos-free friction compound is used to provide the best balance of performance characteristics: soft enough for a comfortable silent ride while hard enough for efficient and safe braking.
  • The adhesive layer connecting the friction material to the base plate is subject to high load during operation. A specially developed adhesive compound guarantees shear resistance and maximum strength of the joint throughout the entire life of the pad.
  • The base plate is made of high-quality steel to resist bends or warps. Its shape completely repeats the shape of the original plate and provides a perfect attachment in the caliper.
  • All pads are equipped with anti-squeal shims that remove distortions and evenly transmit the braking force over the entire surface suppressing vibration. Innovative WINKOD anti-squeal shims are made of metal covered with a special coating on both sides to significantly reduce the noise level and provide thermal insulation to prevent overheating of the brake unit.