Clutch Kits

The range of Winkod clutch parts includes: clutch discs, clutch baskets, release bearings, and clutch kits.

Clutch kits always include a driven disc and a clutch basket, depending on the kit, a release bearing may also be included.

  • Noise and vibration reduction. For the production of diaphragm springs, specialized spring steel 50CrV4 is used, which has a high elastic limit. The part made of such steel works smoothly and silently.
  • Constant coefficient of friction. The friction material meets high quality standards and is able to maintain a stable coefficient of friction in the range from 0.35 to 0.45 µ at different operating temperatures.
  • Smooth running. The Winkod driven disc vibration damper adopts 60SizMn spring steel elastic springs, which have high static and fatigue strength and good damping capacity, ensure long service life and smooth torque transmission.
  • High strength and corrosion protection. The clutch disc hub is made of forged steel and hardened with high frequency currents, which ensures the reliability of the assembly. The metal meets the high standards of hardness HRC 28. To protect the part from the effects of aggressive environments, the clutch disc hub is phosphated. The result is reliable corrosion protection.
  • Wear resistance. The composite material of friction linings consists of high-strength fiberglass, copper wire and heat-resistant resins. Due to this, it improves heat dissipation, ensures even wear and stable performance without unwanted fluctuations. It also has low aggressiveness with respect to parts that form a friction pair.
  • Durability. The self-aligning bearing housing is made of nylon. Since this material has high slip properties, there is no need to use a lubricant. Dry friction during sliding avoids jamming due to carbon deposits formed under the influence of high temperatures. This guarantees a long service life of the part.